At Varick, we’ve built campaign management technology to adapt to your varied needs and provide full transparency into your campaigns’ executions. Alveo provides you with a one-stop station to build dynamic creative assets, buy across multiple supply sources, and accurately measure performance.  Alveo is easy to use, flexible, and efficient.
With Pictor, Alveo’s creative build tool, it’s easy to create dynamic, HTML5 assets for deployment across multiple media channels and formats.
Alveo’s integration with multiple demand side platforms and data providers provides a single point of access for campaign executions. What does this mean?
It means that there’s an easier way to manage your media buying that doesn’t involve multiple I.O.s.
The buy module’s RECO Engine provides actionable optimization suggestions that automatically route your campaign’s budget to strategies, inventory, and channels that will drive the best performance for your brand.
Alveo provides you with real-time transparency into the following:
  • Which of my campaign strategies are performing?
  • Where are my ads showing?
  • Which devices are my customers engaging?
  • What optimizations Varick is making to my campaign and how often?
  • Which creative elements and messaging are resonating with my customers?