Customer Segmentation

The Financial Investor: An Analysis

An Investment Management Company partnered with Varick to enhance their programmatic strategy by segmenting current customers based on historical investment data. Customer segmentation allows for strategic targeting and better management of budget allocation across customers and products. 

How did we segment these clients?
  • ​​Onboarded first-party CRM data for online targeting by matching anonymous user IDs from the client with users in our DMP
  • Identified three customer groups that led to the most effective segmentation for subsequent targeting:
    1. Customers who invest heavily across many products
    2. Customers who invest in a handful of products at a medium rate
    3. Customers who have only one or two accounts and infrequently make deposits
  • Searched for these customer segments in our log files – impression level data pushed from multiple DSPs into Alveo  – to determine the types of content that they are more or less likely to browse
  •  Compared how frequently we saw our customers in these categories compared to the total impression volume we saw for all users over the same time period
  • Analyzed how customers segments' content affinities compared to one another

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