Holiday Shopper Insights

Unsurprisingly, sales spike on Black Friday and then peak again on Cyber Monday.
The average number of purchases per day was 6.4x higher during these four days compared to the rest of November. 
Sales level off after Cyber Monday, but are still 2.75x higher than the average day before Black Friday. 

Customers across the United States and Canada placed online orders. 
The highest concentrations of sales originated from major cities including Toronto, Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, and Minneapolis.
We took a look at digital behaviors of holiday shoppers the weeks before Black Friday, then compared their browsing behaviors to their benchmark habits throughout the year. The following insights demonstrate how converters behave before making a purchase. Our shoppers are...
Traffic on Retail Store sites increases 6.6x before retailers like Walmart, Target, and K-Mart post holiday season sales.  Before the holidays, consumers read nutritional sites 2.3x less and desserts and sweets sites 12.5x more.  Mobile use increases 10x and indexes at 777. 

Desktop placements drove the highest ROI:
2x higher than average.

51% of all online shopping-related searches came from mobile devices. 

Large, high impact placements drove a 35% higher CTR.

Instagram users engaged with posts 2.3x more over the weekend. 

Targeting fashion apps on mobile increased CTR by 42%. 

Social channels generated the lowest cost per click (CPC): 1.9x lower than desktop and mobile. 
Social channels engage holiday shoppers with targeted ads across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Buy buttons on social sites make converting easier than ever. 
Display banners on retail sites like,, and reach customers while they are planning purchases and shopping for loved ones. 
Purchase data from leading online retailers including Amazon, Panasonic, Toys R Us, and other shopping destinations engage heavy online shoppers. 
Digital out of Home screens in shopping malls ensures your brand stays front and center duing the shopping frenzy. 
Cross-screen targeting & sequential messaging across devices reaches customers at all points of their digital journey, and prevents overspending on customers who have already converted on another device.