Smart Media Buying


Our unique partnerships with demand side platforms allow us to ingest data from every ad we serve.

This data, called log files, allows us to make more accurate predictions about customer affinities and behavior so we can adjust your campaign’s optimization strategies.

 What is a log file? It’s a string of 80+ data points that allows us to tap into optimization tactics that would otherwise be unavailable or unseen. If this sounds incredibly boring, it’s because it is. But we don’t mind, because the results it allows us to achieve are far more exciting.  
Log file data is campaign data in its rawest form. Most media buying platforms don’t have the ability to process this data. We do. Log file data feeds Alveo’s RECO Engine, a media buying tool that routes your campaign’s budget toward the best performing strategies and channels.
Alveo’s recommendation engine allowed us to decrease a casino client’s CPA by 35% when prospecting for new customers, and decrease CPA by 82% when retargeting users.