Why Programmatic


The numbers tell the story: 
By 2019, 72% of all digital ad spend will be executed programmatically. Marketers have embraced automated methods of buying digital ads. Varick's unique data-driven method of planning, buying, and optimizing programmatic campaigns gives our clients an edge over the competition. 
Customer data is the engine that drives every successful programmatic campaign. 

We built the smartest programmatic platform to provide our clients with the freshest and most insightful customer data available. 


Meet Alveo, our campaign management software. Alveo APIs directly into the largest programmatic marketplaces and ingests over 30 million rows of performance data every single day. 

We store this data indefinitely, giving our clients a holistic view of campaign performance across channels, formats and screens. 




Alveo gives our clients access to more data sources than any other programmatic buyer.


Log Level Data __________________________

Log Level Data


Log level data is the most granular impression level data availble. For every impression we serve, we ingest and store 50-80 data points directly from the DSP. While DSPs typically delete these files after two weeks, we store them in our DMP indefinitely. This data feeds custom, proprietary algorithms that identify inventory and audiences that pop, meaning we have the greatest insight into performance and customer behaviors. 

Publisher Data __________________________

Publisher Data


Varick works with premium publishers to layer subscriber and browsing data of site visitors with our data-driven buying methods. This first party behavioral data allows our traders to target customers who have affinities for specific content, from Fantasy Sports to Stock Market Trends to Family Recipes. 

Census Data __________________________

Census Data


Where your customers live says a lot about their lifestyle. Matching conversions to zip codes uncovers geo-pockets that have high concentrations of users who are the most likely to convert to your brand. From there, we paint a picture of what these neighborhoods look like: household income, renters or owners, political affiliation, education levels, and more. 

Weather Data __________________________

Weather Data


How likely are you to go out and pick up groceries if it's raining? How much more likely are you to order a pizza during a rain storm? Ingesting weather data adds an additional layer of targeting to reach your potential customers at the most opportune time. 

TV Viewing Data __________________________

TV Viewing Data


Extend your TV buy to digital using viewership data from leading providers including Nielsen, Rentrak, Experian, and more. We identify customers who view networks, programs, and even specific advertisements. Bridging your media buy across platforms provides greater insight into your customer's digital journey across screens. 

Third Party Data __________________________

Third Party Data


Our integrations with third party sources enables us to match your customers with a multitude of online and offline data sources. We target consumers using the freshest, most accurate data including demographics, auto ownership, credit card usage, home ownership, travel affinities, loyalty cards, offline purchase behaviors, and more. We also work directly with leading providers to create custom segments to pinpoint your consumers across multiple channels. 

CRM Data __________________________

CRM Data


Target high value customers who have subscribed to your brand's newsletter to amplify the effectiveness of email campaigns. 

Purchase Data __________________________

Purchase Data


Integrate your customer transaction data to target the highest value consumers online. Connecting the dots between your offline customer data and your online digital campaigns results in efficient, targeted campaigns that will drive sales and increase brand loyalty. 


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